Karen W. – Operations Manager at Confidential Company

“We have been working with Selective Staffing since 2011.  Throughout our partnership, their communication and response time has been excellent.  The team at Selective Staffing are quick to provide candidates to our requests with a typical response time of 24 hours or less.  They are prompt in replying to any questions or concerns that may come up pertaining to the candidates. With regards to staffing, our company has a wide range of positions that each require a unique skill set for an employee to be successful in that position.  Selective Staffing is able to provide candidates with diverse skills to meet our various staffing needs.  While every candidate may not be the right fit for our company, the team at Selective Staffing has a broad pool of candidates to choose from and works with us to ensure we fill each position with the candidate that best meets our staffing needs. Overall, we are very pleased with the service we have received from their company.  The team at Selective Staffing is easy to work with, prompt, and efficient.  They continually help us fill positions and provide the necessary support to ensure a candidate’s success within our company.”