Michael E. – Customer Operations Manager at Confidential Company

“We have a very seasonal business that requires our organization to add employees at a rapid pace at times.  These employees must meet specific guidelines and contain a unique skill set that will allow them to be successful in this position.  Selective Staffing was far and away our #1 choice for providing us with candidates that meet this criteria.While we did try a couple other staffing agencies, it was very clear that Selective Staffing provided both a higher quantity and, more importantly, a better quality of applicant.  The applicants were well screened, had a solid understanding of the required functions, and also had a low turnover rate.  The team there is very responsive and did a great job in accommodating my busy schedule when setting up interviews. I would highly recommend Selective Staffing to any company in the Buffalo area that is looking to add on to their workforce.  We will most certainly be using them again in the future and will make that decision with confidence.”