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Solution Spotlight: Confidential Search

Selective Staffing Solutions recently completed a Confidential Search for a Customer Service Director with a major distribution company in the Buffalo area. Our client trusted us with this highly confidential search because the role was high impact, and they simply could not afford a gap in leadership.

Do you need to conduct a confidential search?

If you have never tackled a confidential search, you might wonder: when is a confidential search appropriate? Typically, companies hire us to conduct a confidential search for one of four reasons:

  1. They need to replace an under-performing employee, usually in a senior role and theycannot afford a gap in leadership in this role. [This is the most common]
  2. They are creating a new role or reorganizing, but they don’t want individuals in the organization to find out second-hand.
  3. Strategic Moves: Expanding into a new market? Want to fly under the competitions radar?
  4. There is an upcoming IPO, merger or acquisition that they are not ready to notify the public of.

How do we do it? With white gloves.

Confidential searches require….well….confidentiality. Our executive recruiters carefully source and vet talent without disclosing the company (or enough details to guess who the company is for that matter). Instead, recruiters focus on key details that the company is looking for from the individual and the result is a highly intrigued candidate who would like to learn more about the role/company.

Once both parties are interested, candidates sign an NDA and continue on with the interview process. To continue to fly under the radar, interviews can be conducted virtually, or clients can utilize Selective Staffing Solutions offices for in person interviewing.

After an offer is signed, our executive recruiters continue working with both parties to ensure a smooth transition.

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