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Client Testimonials

Selective Staffing Solutions delivers exceptional service and unmatched results to businesses of all sizes. Here’s what clients have to say about working with our team.

“Stephanie has been great for our company…We have used SSSWNY several times and each candidate sent has been screened very professionally so as not to waste any time. I’ve hired 3 temp employees through Stefanie over the past two years. All have become permanent additions to the staff at Escro.”

Tony Burvid, General Manager at at Confidential Company

“Stephanie represents her employer well. She understands the need for detail and follow-up and has provided them both to me. We now use Selective Staffing for most of our hiring needs because of the competent work Stephanie and her co-workers have done for us.”

Nora E. CFO and Co-Owner at at Confidential Company

“Stephanie represents her employer well. She understands the need for detail and follow-up and has provided them both to me. We now use Selective Staffing for most of our hiring needs because of the competent work Stephanie and her co-workers have done for us.”

Joyce S., President at Confidential Company

“ACP Technologies has utilized Michelle’s services for over 5 years. She does a great job filling our needs with the requirements we supply. We have hired technical, clerical and management employees from Selective Staffing and will continue to do so.”

Benjamin P., President at Confidential Company

“I have been working with Michelle over the past several years. She is very diligent in providing solutions to her customers needs. Work ethic and attention to detail is the difference. A driven individual, driven to results.”

Richard H., Director Occupational Services at Confidential Company

“Michelle and her staff have always been able to meet our temporary labor needs quickly. They give us excellent service.” 

Jennifer C., Business Unit HR Manager at Confidential Company

“As a client of Selective Staffing over the years, we have consistently found Michelle’s team an important resources for hiring talented people. Selective Staffing has been able to provide us with the best in class third party staffing services. I can confidentially recommend Selective Staffing as an excellent business partner with a passion to provide quality candidates that fit our needs.”   

Joseph L. Human Resource Manager at Confidential Company

“We have used Michelle and her firm for our staffing needs. They make the process easy and the results are second to none.”

Tony B., Vice President at Confidential Company

“We have a very seasonal business that requires our organization to add employees at a rapid pace at times.  These employees must meet specific guidelines and contain a unique skill set that will allow them to be successful in this position.  Selective Staffing was far and away our #1 choice for providing us with candidates that meet this criteria.While we did try a couple other staffing agencies, it was very clear that Selective Staffing provided both a higher quantity and, more importantly, a better quality of applicant.  The applicants were well screened, had a solid understanding of the required functions, and also had a low turnover rate.  The team there is very responsive and did a great job in accommodating my busy schedule when setting up interviews. I would highly recommend Selective Staffing to any company in the Buffalo area that is looking to add on to their workforce.  We will most certainly be using them again in the future and will make that decision with confidence.”

Michael E. – Customer Operations Manager at Confidential Company

“We have been working with Selective Staffing since 2011.  Throughout our partnership, their communication and response time has been excellent.  The team at Selective Staffing are quick to provide candidates to our requests with a typical response time of 24 hours or less.  They are prompt in replying to any questions or concerns that may come up pertaining to the candidates. With regards to staffing, our company has a wide range of positions that each require a unique skill set for an employee to be successful in that position.  Selective Staffing is able to provide candidates with diverse skills to meet our various staffing needs.  While every candidate may not be the right fit for our company, the team at Selective Staffing has a broad pool of candidates to choose from and works with us to ensure we fill each position with the candidate that best meets our staffing needs. Overall, we are very pleased with the service we have received from their company.  The team at Selective Staffing is easy to work with, prompt, and efficient.  They continually help us fill positions and provide the necessary support to ensure a candidate’s success within our company.”  

Karen W. – Operations Manager at Confidential Company

“I’m writing this letter of recommendation with great confidence that Selective Staffing Solutions will meet y our business needs for temporary staffing. Selective Staffing Solutions has been a business partner for several months. They have been able to meet our needs for temporary staffing both on a short-term and long-term basis. In addition, their turnaround time is quick, and customer service is among the best.”

Erica T. – VP of Finance and Operations at Confidential Company

“[We have] worked with Selective Staffing since I became Chief Operating Officer in early 2015. Selective’s recognition of our specific needs has enabled them to supply us with highly qualified candidates. In fact, the last five employees who have joined our front desk and administrative areas started with us joined us on a “temp to permanent” basis through Selective. Selective’s response to our inquiries is timely and always as needed, and their staff are very helpful and customer-friendly. We haven’t used any other employment agencies to date, and I don’t plan to make any changes. Selective works hard to meet our needs. I would recommend Selective Staffing to any organization looking for an agency to find them professional and competent candidates.”

James D. – Chief Operating Officer at Confidential Company

“Mitchell is a very gifted recruitment professional. His attention to relevant details, persistence, and follow through were greatly appreciated during our recruitment process for several hard to fill positions over the last couple years. I found him to be one of the highest performing professionals I have dealt with in the industry.”

VP at Confidential Company

“Mitchell was able to find us candidates for a position at our company. He looked at the job description and then found highly qualified candidates for us to hire. The other employment agencies found us candidates who did not match the job description that we needed.”