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1: They don’t care about your needs.

Candidates continuously miss the mark. They lack key must-haves or are nowhere near what you might describe as a culture fit. Are they listening? The more important question: did they even ask? Do they care about YOUR needs?

2: The spark isn’t there anymore.

When you signed the contract and kicked off the search the passion for success was burning. The first few candidates came in like rapid-fire, but after rejecting prospects the submittals are fewer and farther between. You reach out asking for updates in hopes the fire will reignite….but it doesn’t.

3: You don’t feel like a priority.

Calls and emails go unanswered for days. You constantly see your agency post new jobs. You wonder if you’re still top of mind, or just one client on a long list.

4: You don’t feel like you can trust them.

Candidates never stick around long term. The image portrayed from the recruiter is a stretch from the person sitting at the interview table. Is this candidate really the rock-star my recruiter said they were? You ask yourself if they want what’s best for you, or simply to generate an invoice.

5: You’re happier when they’re not around.

“Going to the outside” is a last resort. You pray you can fill the new job requisition on your own. The posts linger for months before you reluctantly make the call to the recruiting firm.

At Selective Staffing Solutions / Albert’s Executive Search we pride ourselves on being a recruitment partner. We listen to the needs of clients to ensure we deliver the type of employees our clients need. From day one, we build our relationships on trust and commitment. We want to be your go to partner that you’re excited to get involved and we strive to maintain that spark through a long-lasting relationship. If you’re in an unhealthy relationship with your recruiting firm, we would be happy to show you how we can be a better partner. Contact us.


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