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Three Reasons Why NOW Might Be a Great Time to Add an Agency Partner

While some businesses have sent employees to the unemployment line, others are scrambling to fill key positions. Here are three reasons why now might be a great time to partner with a recruitment firm.

1. Your HR team is overloaded.

Human resource professionals have been tasked with navigating a sea of mandates and reorganizing the entire workforce. While some may think the hand sanitizer stations and new visitor policies appeared overnight, it was likely the HR team putting countless hours into ensuring your organization is both safe and compliant. Above all they’re doing everything in their power to maintain morale and field questions from employees living in a world of uncertainty. Amidst all of this, it’s easy for recruitment to slide down the to-do list.

If talent acquisition has quickly become a lesser priority, your organization can benefit from a team of professionals who can make acquiring talent for your organization their top priority.

2. A wave of great talent just hit the market.

In June 2020 the Buffalo-Niagara region’s unemployment rate was nearing 20% as major employers laid off workers. Their losses can be your gains.

While it’s likely your job posting will get more traction, it’s never guaranteed the BEST candidate will be the one to send in their resume. Third party recruiters scour both the open market, and passive talent to locate the BEST match for the job. Why take a chance on missing out on the all-star that may now be interested?


3. Recruiting takes time….

Sourcing, vetting, interview scheduling and offer negotiations can quickly add hours to an already busy week. Your hiring managers might be trying to work from home without their children ruining yet another zoom meeting. Maybe they’re laser focused on a plan to make up for months of lost revenues? Maybe they’re worried about meeting increased consumer demands?

A great recruitment firm is your TA partner, not a resume peddler. A recruitment firm can deliver fully vetted candidates and assist in the process from sourcing to start date. Thus, your team can focus on running the business, while your agency partner focuses on recruiting people to run it.


Selective Staffing Solutions is a full-service recruitment firm that has been helping Western New York employers since 2004. If you need an agency partner who can successfully navigate this new talent marketplace and serve as an extension of your recruitment team contact us here.

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