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November National Jobs Report

The November National Employment Report is here! The good news: we are heading in the right direction. Job growth of 307K is exciting, with midsized (50-999 Employees) companies seeing the largest growth with 139K jobs added in the month of November. So, to answer the question on everyone’s mind right now: Are companies still hiring amidst the pandemic? The short answer is: YES!

The downside is there is slowed job growth compared to previous months. Kevyn Rustici, HR strategy consultant with ADP states:

“The slowed job growth is off significantly and should serve as a wake up call as we are not through the woods yet. Vaccine news is helpful but as this report indicates employers are not hiring at the rate they were based on optimism of the economic recovery in June. (1 million jobs added)”

While the recovery is slowing, job seekers can still be optimistic of the future as the US continues to add jobs in the private business sector. Conversely, unemployment has continued to fall and employers should watch the supply / demand for workers closely, as the war for talent becomes increasingly competitive despite the pandemic.

National Employement Report November 2020


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