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Solution Spotlight: Executive Search

Alberts Executive Search is the boutique executive search division of Selective Staffing Solutions. We excel at recruiting talented middle managers just as we do in our senior management search engagements. By serving your needs in this area, we help you recruit the next generation of key executives.

We have developed a network that has the extended reach to ensure that the standards you set for key managers & executives are met by all the candidates we provide for you. We take the time to understand your organization, from Core Values and Culture to the quarterly Performance Objectives. We meet with all necessary personnel to fully understand your entire organization and all its unique dynamics. We know that skills or talent will not make the right fit for you. More often, cultural compatibility with the entire team becomes the most critical attribute of a candidate.

Having Alberts Executive Search represent your organization in the market tells the business community and prospective candidates that your company takes recruiting seriously-it elevates the status of the position in their eyes. High-level executives do know the difference.

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