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International Women’s Day 2021

In commemoration with International Women’s Day – we would like to take an opportunity to recognize the achievements of two of the women that have been instrumental in our firm’s success.

Michelle Alberts – Before founding Selective Staffing Solutions, Michelle was a nationally ranked staffing specialist. After years of success in a national agency, Michelle recognized how impersonal the recruiting process can be. So, over 15 years ago, Michelle founded Selective Staffing Solutions to bring people-centric talent acquisition solutions to Western New York.

Today she continues to run Selective Staffing Solutions on the same premise she started it with: A Western New York company with Western New York expertise and Western New York values

Stefanie Buckland – Stefanie is a Sr. Recruiter with Selective Staffing Solutions. She started with the firm as a temporary receptionist in 2005, and quickly climbed the ranks. Today, she is a vessel of knowledge and has been a mentor over the years to incoming recruiters. With her guidance and insight, Selective Staffing has been able to remain one of the top agencies in WNY!

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