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The time is NOW to capitalize on hiring incentives

From signing bonuses to pay increases, employers are trying different incentives and tactics to attract new hires. Our clients are getting more creative than ever to secure talent, all the while doing everything they can to secure their current workforce.

Nationally, the “quits rate” which reflects how confident employees are about finding a new job is hitting record highs. Job seekers are taking notice of the opportunities to secure sign-on bonuses and other perks. With employers voicing their concerns about the difficulty of finding talent, many job seekers believe the ball is in their court.

But – The question that remains is….how long will this last? With federal unemployment bonuses set to expire Sept 6, many wonder if their will be an exodus of workers leaving the unemployment line. If so – will employers continue to offer the same incentives? The likely scenario is they will not. Many employers are still suffering from losses sustained during the pandemic, and sign-on bonuses are salt on the open wounds. When competition for openings becomes more fierce, many employers are less likely to need to use the same tactics to secure workers.

The bottom line – the time is now to capitalize on employment incentives. If you hold out you may find yourself in a larger pool with less bait.

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