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Five Reasons the Holiday Season is the BEST Hiring Season

As if the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was somehow a kick-off to the dry season, we have all heard November and December are slow when it comes hiring. Regardless of the industry, annual recruitment cycles do in fact exist. At year end, employers cite an uptick in employee vacations and an overwhelming amount of year end work as reasons they dial back on their hiring. So, is a holiday job search futile? Not at all. Here are five reasons why the holiday season might be the best season for job seekers.

1: Use it or lose it policies

Some hiring managers may need to fill the vacant spots on their team before year end if they want to keep their headcount numbers once the new budget kicks in at the turn of the year. This creates a sense of urgency for some employers that job-seekers can capitalize on. Hiring managers are not only committed to filling the position, but they need to fill it quickly!

2: Get the Jump

The start of the new year can be prime time hiring for many employers, but that is 4-6 weeks away. So, why wait for applications to pick up when you can stand out from the rest of the pack? Simply put – you have far less competition when less people are applying. The early bird gets the worm.

3: You have time off too.

If you’re a passive job-seeker, the interview process can be a drain on your PTO. Why not invest in interviewing elsewhere when everyone is taking time off anyway? Furthermore you have far less of a chance of tipping off your boss that you’re interviewing elsewhere when taking time off this time of year.

4:  Companies ARE hiring.

At Selective Staffing Solutions we have 100+ opportunities available for Buffalo area candidates. A search on the worlds most popular job site yields 27,000+ opportunities in Buffalo alone as of today. While hiring may slowdown, it doesn’t stop!

5: Great companies are always looking for top talent.

Great companies know a good thing when they see it. If you’re top talent, top employers will recruit exceptional talent regardless of the date on the calendar.


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