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Countdown to Start 10 days Before the New Year!

In honor of the upcoming holiday here is a 10-day countdown to prepare your business for the new year. This is a countdown of tools one could utilize to enhance their business!

10 – New Business Goals
Create 10 new SMART goals that you want to achieve in your business in the next year.

S:  Specific – “who, what, when, where and why” on any goal you want to achieve
M: Measurable – Can you track your progress on the goal?
A:  Attainable – Is the goal reasonable to accomplish? Make sure it is not out of reach     but also not below your standard performance
R:  Relevant – Is the goal worth your time and energy? Does it fit your specific needs?
T:  Timely – When do you want to accomplish by? Give yourself a timeframe to achieve.

9 – Recruitment Practices

  • Focus on the clients’ specific needs
  • Set a clear timeline for all activities
  • Design a virtual recruitment process that if the company needs to work from home, they can do that with ease
  • Employ online assessments
  • Match candidates to the role – do not just sling candidates over to fill positions. You want to hire the right person for the job
  • Create templates that you can edit but still make either client specific or job specific
  • Keep candidates engaged with you throughout the whole process
  • Maintain a clear talent pool. Create pipelines in multiple industries that are easily accessible for future job opportunities.
  • Use data to optimize your process. Run reports! Get stats in your hands so you can have clear answers on your progress

8 – Social Media Sites

Social media is a powerful tool…. USE IT. Here are some social media sites you could get on to promote your company

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Your company’s website (Create a blog)
  • Pinterest
  • Podcasts – this is an unpopular opinion, but many people listen to them when driving or doing chores around the house. This could be a great tool to utilize

7 – Ways to Engage

  • Request for feedback after phone interviews
  • Inquire about feedback after in-person interviews from both the client & the candidate
  • Ask for reviews on your company’s website
  • Invite candidates to leave reviews on the website of the company you placed them at
  • Reply to applications in a timely manner (24hrs if possible)
  • Have virtual options to meet with candidates
  • Once someone is placed, send a survey to them. If nothing else, you have constructive feedback so you can tweak your recruiting skills if desired

6 – Job Board Sites

I know this is an extra expense and employers do not want a million job boards, however here are a few that could be helpful for your company. There are plenty of more out there, do some research!

  • Your company website
  • Indeed
  • Zip Recruiter
  • Career Builder
  • Monster
  • USA Jobs

5 – Joyful Staffers

Last few weeks we have touched on keeping employees happy, so I won’t dwell on it (Don’t know what I am referring to? Check out some of our past blogs). This is a tool that could be a huge asset to your business! Happy employees equal increased productivity. One of your goals we touched on above could be handing out anonymous employee surveys and addressing any comments or concerns you receive!

4 – Success Stories
Ask Clients to create video diaries or testimonials of why someone should work for them
Ask candidates who have either been with a company or your company long-term for a testimonial of a location, client, or specific job title.

3 – Tips of Professionalism

Professionalism is needed in any workplace settling. Here are 3 tips you can bring into anyplace you go

  • Honesty
  • The spirit of service. Be kind, caring and considerate.
  • Punctuality (both attendance & ability to meet deadlines)

2 – New Staffing Leads

Here is another goal you could set! Aim to gain two new clients a month! Whether you have 3 clients or 23 clients; large scale growth should be on your radar. Look for companies that are wishing to grow. Go outside your comfort zone! Look at industries or companies you do not normally work with. Challenge yourself!

1 – Mission Statement

Have a solid mission statement. Mission statements or core values could be the face and heart of your company. Utilize them!

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