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Why Should You Use a Staffing Agency To Aid In Your Hiring Process In 2023?

Helen Keller once said, “A bend in the road is not the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn”. This can be relevant in your career search as finding a job can be a difficult, stressful, and daunting task. There can be many unknowns when it comes to looking for a job but failing to ask for help is what can make that bend in the road difficult to overcome. If you are struggling to find a position you love or are uneducated on the appropriate steps to take, that is what we are here for!

Let’s start with the big picture, working through a staffing firm opens yourself up to different opportunities. They can unlock doors for you that you didn’t even know were there and can help you get noticed. We are all human and sometimes we are hard on ourselves thinking we are under qualified or do not have the confidence to step into a role that is outside our normal scope. Recruiters may look at your resume and have a position in mind they feel you would be a great fit for that you would not have otherwise thought.

So, lets now talk about how a recruiter and you will work together to find you the perfect career! Well first things first, if you are not on platforms such as linked in, they need your resume to review. Providing a recruiter with a resume is the first step in opening a conversation to determine exactly what you are and aren’t looking for. This also allows them to try and accommodate any preferences you may have.

Once this process is complete, your recruiter can now get to work, while you get to sit back and relax. They will start to explore their network and begin to present you to authentic opportunities which match your criteria.

After you discuss potential employment options with your recruiter, they hold communication between you and the client to set up an interview. That’s not all, they will help prepare you on how to knock your interview out of the park. This can include:

  • Location details and whom you will be meeting
  • The inside scoop about the company atmosphere
  • Preparing you for types of questions the client could ask or other professional behaviors they like to see. The recruiters have considerable knowledge from working with their clients long-term.
  • Assisting you in how to speak about past companies you were employed with or situations that occurred in which you are unsure of how to address professionally
  • Leaving you with ideas of what types of questions you should ask to determine if the company would be a good fit for you

The above examples set you up for success and help you feel confident walking into your interview! These are tips you may not have known or even considered otherwise!

Now, let’s dive into something that could be nerve wracking or uncomfortable for some, negotiating. If you are to receive an offer but something is stopping you from going all in on the opportunity, talk to your recruiter! They are the middleman in this process, as long as they know what you need/are looking for, they can go back to the client and negotiate on your behalf. This is an additional anxious task that you will not need to worry about, the recruiter does the leg work for you! Isn’t that nice?

Lastly, when you are to get hired, your recruiter fully assists with you getting acclimated to your new role. Even once you step into your new position, the recruiter is there to support you and be a lifelong connection for whatever your future may hold!

Using a Staffing agency can have many benefits, but one of the most valuable assets is saving time and taking the stress off of you. Even if recruiters do not have something for you at the present time, they are always working for you behind the scenes and can be a future tool.

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