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Following the Latest Trends? Lets Talk About Podcasts!

Podcasts have seized the interest of millions in the last few years. They are increasing day by day as people choose to listen to them in the car on commutes, for background noise during household chores or even while working from home. The variety of topics are endless, however, there are many that are beneficial for those who want to adapt, grow, or cultivate their business. Below are 5 podcasts about the staffing industry that will help develop your business and mindset to the next level!

  1. Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

This is a great podcast for someone who wants to dip their toe into the podcast world. Recruiting future started in 2015 and is currently still producing new episodes. To date, there are 520 episodes. Although this sounds intimidating, each episode ranges from 10-35 minutes long. Short enough for your drive to and from work. This podcast is very nurturing. The amazing thing about his podcast is how he shifts his focus based on the current needs of the industry. Matt loves discussions on changing approaches to recruiting based on technology and evolving strategies! Below are just a few different topics he addresses.

  • How to recruit/attract future talent focusing on the candidate, and how to coach them.
  • The persona around recruiting, how to change it and the view from HR directors
  • Different approaches on recruiting, the evolving technology techniques and how to change assessments as needed.
  1. The #Social Recruiting Show with Katrina Collier and Glenn Martin

The #Social recruiting show is all about recruitment marketing strategies and candidate sourcing. Their podcast currently starts at episode 49 from 2018 and goes to episode 191, ending their show in 2020. They focus on “bringing the human back into recruiting”. They speak on topics revolving the digital age and how it has radically changed approaches to recruitment. Katrina and Glenn’s topics are very person centered, meaning they focus on the candidate. Some topics include:

  • Why an individual should/should not answer you email and how not to spam.
  • Personalizing your messages and cultivating relationships
  • Targeting active candidates and staying on recruitment trends
  • Branding and how to use social media to your advantage
  1. The RAG (Recruitment Agency Growth) with Sean Anderson

The RAG started in 2019 and is still currently producing episodes! This podcast in great no matter where one is in their recruitment career. For someone new to the industry, it brings fundamentals for success to the forefront. The RAG is insightful as it demonstrates how others have established and grown their recruitment business. Sean Anderson interviews leaders of the industry to understand their secrets to success. Every season changes based on current landscape and how todays professionals can scale further. The thing that makes this podcast unique is that it is raw. Not only do the agency owners talk about their achievements, but they also touch on the hardships they faced and how they overcame the obstacles along the way. This podcast is highly recommended even if you are not in this specific industry because it gives business lessons that are beneficial to anyone. Here are some episode topic examples,

  • Failures in the industry
  • Working from home
  • The ins and outs of increasing views
  • Hiring, its process, and how to evolve for the candidate
  • How and why to expand your business
  1. The HR Uprising with Lucinda Carney

Lucinda Carney started this podcast in 2019 with the passion to change the way people view Human Resources. To this day she enjoys teaching though collaboration, learning and evidence-based action. She brings a unique perspective to her listeners.  This podcast is beneficial because it touches on important hiring processes and techniques that one could implement or change to make their business run more smoothly. The topics Lucinda covers are some that individuals may not have thought otherwise.

  • Cultural Inclusion
  • Interviewing techniques
  • 360 Feedback
  • Implementing change to training techniques; training to make individuals want to stay
  • The onboarding process and why you may be the reason employees do not start or quit after a short period of time.
  • Performance management; making the process easier
  • Managing stress in your company & helping individuals through change
  1. The Resilient Recruiter with Mark Whitby

The Resilient Recruiter was considered to be one of the best podcasts in 2022 and is still producing episodes. This podcast focuses on the industry at a much larger scale. Meaning how multi-million-dollar companies were established. The main “focus” of this podcast is the roadmap to thriving! Mark Whitby speaks with top notch executives and CEOs on how they started their small business and built it to the large-scale business it is now. Below are just a few topics they brush upon.

  • How the CEOs elevated to where they are
  • Turning challenges into opportunity
  • Standing out from your competition
  • Implementing strategies and teaching people under your corporation how to grow
  • The post-pandemic world and the changes it brought
  • Balancing your work/home duties

Finding a podcast that peaks and retains your interest can be difficult, but it can also be an extraordinary learning tool. The five podcasts listed are just a snapshot of information out there. Finding one that fits your style is most important. These few if nothing else, can point you in the right direction. Robert Baden-Powell once said, “If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk.”

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