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May the Luck of the Irish Be with You This Spring!

The shamrock, a three-leaf clover, has been associated with Ireland for centuries. It was called the “seamroy” by the Celts and was considered a sacred plant that symbolized the arrival of spring.

As we get ready for the arrival of a new season why not Spring your career forward! Check out the 10 ways you can jig into a new career this season:

Build a Career Advisory Board.

  • Gather a group of people you can call upon for advice when you’re facing a major decision or tough situation at work.

Get Comfortable with The Uncomfortable!

  • Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone! When you do this, you will become more immune to pressure when you are in a stressful situation.

Attend a Conference in Your Industry.

  • Today, now more than ever, this has become easier with the world of virtual seminars. Be sure to check out some of the top leaders in your industry and follow them on LinkedIn to see what they are offering this season.

Increase Your LinkedIn Cache.

  • Ask a trusted colleague or satisfied client to write you a quick review.

Trying to Accomplish a Goal?

  • Work backwards! Successful people, like rocket scientists, define their desired outcome first. Then they reverse the steps and strides they need to get there!

Consider How You Can Become the Go-To Person at Work.

  • Being the person that your manager can count on to get something done is a huge accomplishment. This usually means that they believe you are confident, creative, hardworking, and dependable.

Looking to Get Promoted This Season?

  • Ask your boss what 2-3 specific things you need to work on to make that happen! Then create a plan to deliver those results.

Keep a Running Tally of Your Achievements.

  • Not only can this help boost and motivate your morale, but it can be used for your next big meeting or review with the boss!

Branch Out of Your Niche

  • Introduce yourself to someone in an industry you may not know much about. Ask questions to learn about what they do. This helps to build your network.

Ex: Finance, Human Resources, Supply chain etc.

Upgrade your Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch is a brief (30-40 seconds) way of introducing yourself, getting across a key point or two, and making a connection with someone!

  • As you put yourself out there this spring season, remember that people rarely remember details of your encounter, but rather how you made them feel!


As the Irish like to say, “May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through the door.”

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