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Screening Tips For Recruiters

Screening your applicant is a crucial step in the hiring process. The screen is the first contact a person has with your company. It is important for the potential employee to leave a good impression and equally vital for the employer to keep them excited about the company. Although it is your job to vet certain requirements from the potential candidate before the interview, it is also key to remember that they are also inspecting you! Below are three things to keep in mind as you conduct these screens.

  1. Preparation is Key

It is helpful to go into the screening aware of the skills, knowledge, attributes, achievements, and motivations that a candidate must have to step into the role you wish to potentially present to them. Have the candidates resume present and accessible.

  1. Personal Touch

When job searching, individuals want to go with a company that has the ability to listen and understand their needs. As a recruiter, it is your job to grasp those individual needs and to best assist in placing them at a company the individual will feel valued at. People value people, they respect and remember how you make them feel. Show this compassion and understanding during your screen.

  1. Create Structure

Lastly, create a solid and stable structure. This ensures you get the key information you need to assist all parties involved. An example of a structured screen could be as follows.

  • Introduce the Company
  • State a few key responsibilities.
  • Clarify details such availability & salary expectations.
  • Determine the interest level of the candidate.
  • Allow the candidate to ask questions.

Candidate screening is one of the most important tasks in today’s hiring market. It allows you to consistently make good hires. Aligning with the hiring manager’s wants and understanding the core needs of the role ensures that the prospects you send through to interview are set up for success. Conducting a screen can have a positive impact on both the individual and their potential employer

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